Can student loans be used for more than tuition?

To attend college these days, many students take out student loans. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to afford the hefty price tag of tuition and other expenses.

Student loans are meant to be used to pay for your education and related expenses so that you can earn a college degree. Even if you have access to student loan money, it doesn’t mean you should use it on general living expenses.

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By learning the answer to, “What can you use a student loan for?” you will make better use of your money and ensure you’re in a more stable financial situation post-graduation.

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Your Tuition and Fees

Of course, the first thing your student loans are intended to cover is your college tuition and fees.

Books and Supplies

Beyond tuition and fees, student loans can be used to purchase your textbooks and supplies, such as a laptop, notebooks and pens, and a backpack.

Housing Costs

Your student loans can be used to pay for your housing costs, whether you live in a dormitory or off-campus.


If you have a car on campus or you need to take public transportation to get to school, work or your internships, then you can use your student loans to pay for those costs.


Food would qualify as a valid expense, whether you’re cooking meals at home or you’ve signed up for a meal plan.

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