6 design trends to try in your bedroom right now

Every year, new interior design trends pop up, and it’s always fun to bring an element of what’s happening right now into your bedroom.

Some trends are purely aesthetic while others can help you live—and sleep—better. Here are six of the latest interior design trends for 2022 you can weave into your bedroom

Medium Brush Stroke

Nodding to the outdoors

To make your sleeping space more environmentally friendly, Bartone recommends switching to LED lighting and setting the scene with decor made from recycled materials.

Soft lines

In your bedroom, you can incorporate the curved trend by picking an arched headboard or a rounded mirror to display as wall art.

Calm touches

In your home, you should think of your bedroom as your stress-busting headquarters, the place where you can power down and get into a sleep-ready state of mind.

Artisan decor

Bartone says she’s been seeing a lot of focus on one-of-a-kind pieces created by local or regional artists, which can make your bedroom aesthetic look more unique.

Thoughtful use of color

Bartone believes color can be used thoughtfully to create a calm atmosphere, something that’s especially true in a bedroom.