How to create a DIY wedding photo booth

Now photo booths still evoke our nostalgia but are so much more thanks to props, backdrops, and lighting! Best of all, they are easy to create with a small budget.

Building a photo booth is a great way to seize those candid moments and have fun with your loved ones. Several companies have started renting photo booths that are easy to transport.

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How much space do you have to set up a wedding photo booth?

Allow for enough space for guests taking the photo to not feel crowded.

What backdrop style do you want?

The backdrop is where you can let your wedding personality shine. Maybe you want to go full glam with a glittering backdrop, strings of lights, neon signs, or sparkles.

What type of tech equipment do you need?

Take time to research the best app for sending and receiving the images so that everyone has access.

Will your area have lighting?

Consider placing the booth near a window that offers natural lighting if your ceremony is during the day.

Will you provide props for your photo booth?

You could buy a small dry erase board, chalkboard, or changeable letter board and let guests make their own signs!