How to start flipping houses with no money

The real estate market is a harsh environment for those who don’t already have their feet on the ladder. And still, every year, thousands of Americans dream of flipping houses, with or without money.

Funding a house purchase to flip is usually comes from a combination of one’s own savings as well as some form of financing.

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Seek Out Relevant National or Regional Home Buying Schemes

Depending on your background and where you live, you may be able to access a property purchase program.

Look Into Short Term Funding

Short-term funding can often be an ideal way to get started flipping houses without any of your own money.


Platforms of this kind allow individuals and small businesses to invest in real estate without needing access to huge amounts of capital.

Find a silent partner

This approach is becoming rare in current times and it requires a great deal of trust. But, it is still possible to go into business with a “backer” or silent partner.

Rent to Own Option

A rent-to-own option is an agreement between a landlord and tenant. In the agreement, the landlord offers the tenant the option to purchase their rental property.