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Are you looking to jump into the real estate industry as an investor and enjoy watching TV shows? There are numerous house-flipping shows that you can binge-watch. So, if you’re looking for the best house flipping shows, you don’t have to look any further than this list!

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Why House Flipping Shows are Great for Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors often don’t know what to look for when buying a house to flip or renovate their properties to make the most profit. House flipping shows are great for real estate investors because they can give them a realistic look at what it’s like to start flipping homes along with current real estate trends. While many of these real estate shows are highly entertaining, they are also very educational to motivate investors to do real estate right.


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1. Property Brothers

This show puts an interesting twist on real estate investing. Twin brothers Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott look for properties that homeowners severely neglect. They often do a lot of negotiating to buy each home at the lowest price possible. By the time they’re done renovating each property, the brothers create a dream home that tends to be worth a lot more than they originally bought it for.

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2. Flip or Flop

Many viewers have fallen in love with this real estate reality show because of the banter between Tarek and Christina (formally Christina el Moussa). Although this couple purchases houses to flip in a rather tough real estate market in Southern California, they can still profit.

This profit has to do with the fact that they consider each purchase and the potential to make money. Additionally, Christina and Tarek delve so much into the financials of each real estate investment that they buy. Thus, this show teaches a lot of investors how to determine whether or not a property is a good purchase.

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3. Love It or List It

There’s a lot of fun banter between the co-hosts of this show which makes it entertaining to watch. The premise behind it is that David Visentin, a real estate agent, and Hilary Farr, an interior design professional, renovate a homeowner’s property in hopes that they will fall in love with it again and not want to sell it.

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4. This Old House

Out of all the home renovation shows, this show is the longest-running home improvement show. It premiered back in 1979, and it has taken viewers on a journey through some challenging home renovations. This Old House doesn’t just focus on one or two-room renovations but transforms entire properties.

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5. Designed to Sell

Not all individuals purchase a property so that they can live in it. Designed to Sell features houses that are bought for the owners to flip them. This show focuses on making many changes that investors can cost-effectively do themselves.

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6. Holmes on Homes

Host Mike Holmes shows some of the drawbacks of flipping homes. On Holmes on Homes, he gives viewers a look into what it’s like to buy a property that has had poor renovations done and what they can do to fix them. He talks a lot about not cutting corners, as this could backfire in the long run.

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7. House Hunters

This show aired back in 1999. Fans love it, and critics hate it as some aspects of the show seem to be dramatized for TV purposes. However, you can’t deny that it is entertaining to watch all of the dramatic scenes between buyers as they disagree on what they want.

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8. Dear Genevieve

If you think that the star of this show, Genevieve Gorder, looks familiar because she was once an MTV VJ. Fans love this show because of Genevieve’s quirky personality and flair for creativity. She takes off her shoes and then gets to work at changing up a space so that it’s unrecognizable.

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9. Flipping 101

Many investors can learn a lot from Tarek El Moussa in this Flip or Flip spin-off. Despite the market crash in 2008, he ended up having a lot of success as an investor during this time, and he currently has more than 300 properties under management.

He has an eye for real estate that can’t be matched by many in this industry. Flipping 101 is different from many other house flipping shows because Tarek uses his experience to mentor new investors. It is geared toward individuals who want to break into home flipping.

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10. Fixer Upper

Fans fell in love with couple Chip and Joanna Gaines when Fixer Upper first aired and considered it one of the best home improvement shows. Chip has a fun-loving personality that can be very entertaining, and Joanna has a strong work ethic that gets things done.

On the show, they show buyers three different properties that they can choose from. Chip and Joanna then fix up the selected property, and they surprise the buyers with the renovated property.

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11. Flip That House

While this show is older, investors still love it as the network made it explicitly for them. Flip That House shows viewers what it’s like to flip a house from start to finish. The goal behind flipping each home is to make as much profit as possible rather than worrying about decorating it perfectly for a buyer.

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12. Grant Cardone

This show is interesting as it uses YouTube as its platform. Grant Cardone has numerous videos on real estate investing and making wise purchases to become a millionaire.

He has written over 20 books and is the CEO of many privately held companies. In addition to having a real estate company, Cardone has various videos to watch that include everything from short clips to more in-depth discussions.

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13. Cash Pad

Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher, who were once on The Bachelorette, have broadened their horizons to the world of house flipping with a twist. On Cash Pad, they focus on an often-forgotten side of real-estate investing: renovating small spaces that people can use for short-term rentals. This show is rather interesting to watch, as they take things like shipping containers and turn them into a habitable property that people can rent out.

Image Credit: CNBC / IMDB.

14. Good Bones

This show features mother and daughter team Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak. On Good Bones, they search for some of the most run-down properties in Indianapolis, and they try to find homes that look rough but are structurally sound. Once they find the right property, they do incredible renovations to look unrecognizable from when they first bought it.

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15. Austin Flipsters

Austin Flipsters is an excellent choice for those looking for a vlog on house flipping that’s reasonably realistic. The stars of this vlog, Austin Flipsters Lauren and Lincoln, really take the time to dive into things that other house-flipping shows don’t.

They talk in-depth about the materials they choose and why, where they purchase them, and how to find the right contractor. Since all of their flips are located in Austin, Texas, they have a massive following among flippers in this area.

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16. Vanilla Ice Project

Many home-flipping shows leave viewers wanting more because each home renovation is condensed down to fit into one episode. However, the Vanilla Ice Project is different because he rehabs a property throughout many other episodes.

This style gives viewers a glimpse into what it’s like to flip each area of a home. Because this show is based in Palm Beach, Florida, viewers get to see a lot of intense flips of some massive properties.

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17. My First Home

This show doesn’t solely focus on flipping homes, but it does offer a lot of information about buying properties, which can be very valuable to those new to house flipping. In addition, it teaches viewers how to look for trends in the area that they want to purchase a property so that they are prepared to make a realistic offer.

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Final Thoughts

There are so many enjoyable reality tv shows about flipping houses that it’s hard to pick the top 10 best shows about flipping properties. However, some notable television series are HGTV Home Makeover, Home Town Takeover and Home Town Ben’s Workshop.

What is your favorite show? Did it make this list of popular shows? Are you excited to start looking for your next rental property or house flip?




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