The top 10 food trends of 2022

The Whole Foods Market Trends Council is a group of experts who have “their fingers on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s ahead in the culinary world.”

Their mission is to discover what the rest of us will be eating, drinking, and reading about in the coming months.

Medium Brush Stroke

Ultraurban farming

Clear some space on the granite, because you’re about to become a kitchen micro-farmer.

You do yuzu

If you don’t know yuzu, you are about to meet a member of the citrus family that just might become a staple in your cooking routine.


The practice of cutting back on the amount of meat, dairy, and egg products that you put on your plate.

Hibiscus is happening

This beautiful bloom — a member of the mallow family — is beloved by drinkers of tea, and it’s ready for wider exposure.

Buzz-less spirits

On your horizon: aromatic and delicious cocktails, bitters, and more. You will party, but the next morning won’t be as cloudy.