The top 10 food trends of 2022

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The Whole Foods Market Trends Council is a group of experts who have “their fingers on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s ahead in the culinary world.” Their mission is to discover what the rest of us will be eating, drinking, and reading about in the coming months.

If you love to cook, eat, and drink, read on, because 2022 promises to be a delicious and fun year.

Countertop farming
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1. Ultraurban farming

Many of us have been cultivating sprouts, greens, and fungi on our kitchen countertops for years, but 2022 promises to be the year this economical and environment-friendly practice becomes widespread. Clear some space on the granite, because you’re about to become a kitchen micro-farmer.

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2. You do yuzu

If you don’t know yuzu, you are about to meet a member of the citrus family that just might become a staple in your cooking routine. It’s long been a daily thing in Asia, and now that it’s being grown in the United States we’ll see it more often on our shopping lists. Be prepared to make your noodles, salads, and smoothies taste even better.

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3. Reducetarianism

Meatless Mondays have been a thing for a while now, and they’re going nowhere. But say hello to reducetarianism, the practice of cutting back on the amount of meat, dairy, and egg products that you put on your plate. We’re talking quality (organic, grass-fed, biodynamic) over quantity, and your palate will thank you.

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4. Hibiscus is happening

This beautiful bloom — a member of the mallow family — is beloved by drinkers of tea, and it’s ready for wider exposure. We’ll be seeing and tasting its tart and vitamin C-rich self in spreads, yogurts, sparkling beverages, and salads in abundance in 2022.

Zero-proof cocktails
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5. Buzz-less spirits

We are all familiar with mocktails, zero-proof libations, and dry January, and the trend toward consuming less alcohol while still celebrating will pick up steam in 2022. On your horizon: aromatic and delicious cocktails, bitters, and more. You will party, but the next morning won’t be as cloudy.

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6. Grains that give back

Grains are part of most daily diets. Wheat, barley rye … we could go on and on. But have you heard of Kernza? It’s a perennial that was developed with soil health and responsible farming in mind. Look for it in products such as beer and cereals in the coming months, because fiber is good!

Sunflower seed
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7. Seize the sunflower seed

This prediction seems odd, because who has not already made sunflower seeds part of their regular snacking routine? But 2022 will see the seed sprout wings and become an ingredient in everything from ice cream to milk to cheeses. Its unsaturated fat and protein content will make you healthy, indeed. And yes, we said ice cream.

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8. Moringa’s moment

Chances are that you’ve never heard of Moringa, and that’s OK, because, well, it’s fairly new on these shores. But what Africa and India revere for its nutritional value won’t stay a secret for much longer. Look for the powdered leaves of this drought-resistant tree to show up in everything from teas to desserts to protein bars.

Fizzy prebiotic drinks
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9. Functional fizz

Carbonated drinks are sold by the millions on a daily basis in the United States, and as more consumers shun sugar and lean toward healthier flavorings and additives, 2022 is shaping up to be a fine time for lovers of fizzy drinks full of probiotics, prebiotics, and other synergistic ingredients.

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10. Turmeric takes off

Athletes and arthritis sufferers — not to mention cooks of India cuisine — know all about turmeric, and 2022 will take the “golden spice” to new arenas and audiences. We’ll enjoy it in ice cream, cereals, smoothies, and, other foods. And yes, more and more of us will consume it in gelatin capsules as a supplement to fight inflammation.

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