Hate meal planning? You’re probably doing it wrong

Do you hate meal planning? I do! I don’t find it practical for me, and I don’t think it saves me money.

Since everyone says meal planning is the absolute best, I tried to find other ways to have a good dinner for me and my family without having to resort to traditional meal planning.

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Go Grocery Shopping Before You Plan

Buying items that look appealing and that are in season will make your cooking so much more joyful and appetizing.

Make Building Blocks

Creating building blocks for meals will cut down on your food prep time and save you time.

Why Does This Work Well?

There is always something to eat in the fridge! You always have part of a meal started, so all you need is a side or topping to make it into a full meal.

Make Your Food Tempting

The problem with eating at home as opposed to eating or ordering takeout is that so often, the bought food tastes so much better than the macaroni you threw into the pot.