Here’s how to pick a great cruise when you’re ready to travel again

Cruise vacations are a type of vacation that many people enjoy. They allow for an all-inclusive style of vacation where you can partake in your favorite activities on the ship and off, with selected excursions.

In addition, it is easy to indulge in gourmet cuisine that seems to be ever-flowing and never-ending for meals.   Many different types of cruises vary in cost, from river cruises to mega-ship cruising to yacht cruising and beyond. 

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

Cruise Capacity: Health and Safety

If you are concerned about the number of people on a cruise ship in pandemic times, we would argue that cruising is one of the safest ways to travel during a pandemic and beyond.

The United States Embarkation Ports

One of the benefits of going on a cruise from the United States is that you can potentially drive to the port or quickly fly there from within the country.

Destination Ports of Call

Suppose you are interested in a cruise that goes to a particular region of the United States, North America, or the world. In that case, you will want to search by destination or embarkation port.

Best Cruise Lines to Consider

Here are some of the best cruise lines to look into for your next cruise vacation: – Celebrity Cruises – Royal Caribbean – MSC Cruises – Norwegian Cruise Line – Princess Cruises

Cruise Pricing

Cruise prices will vary based on the following factors: – Length of the cruise. – Cruise destinations (or ports the cruise visits). – The season you’re sailing.

Travel Agent Kickbacks and Perks

If you book a cruise with a travel agent, there is potential to get an onboard stateroom credit to use on the ship. Many people use the credit for cocktails, dining reservations or spa treatment.

Loyalty Programs

If you like loyalty rewards, consider cruise lines that reward repeat cruisers.

Ship-within-a-Ship Cruises

The ship-within-a-ship cruise category is for cruisers who want a large ship’s amenities, activities, and entertainment but the exclusive treatment of smaller cruises.

Private Islands

Some cruise lines have private islands that are cool to visit.

Family Friendliness

Disney Cruise Line has repeatedly gets voted the best cruise line for families, which is not a surprise to anyone! Other cruise lines aren’t necessarily known for their “youthful” activities. Rather than wave pools and rock-climbing, they focus on fine dining and casinos.

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