Here’s how to remove water stains from wood

We’ve curated several ways to remove water stains from wood, organized by color.

Newer wood furniture, not that vintage piece you picked up from the thrift store or your grandma’s house, isn’t very porous.

Wait And See

Medium Brush Stroke

Reach For The Hair Dryer

If the stain is relatively new, you might be able to zap it with a hair dryer. The warm air can help disperse moisture and dry up the stain.

Oil And Water Concoction

Try mixing equal parts olive oil and water in a dish. Dip a clean cloth  into the solution and rub the stained area in the direction of the wood  grain.

Medium Brush Stroke

Leaving a set of coasters out on the coffee table will provide a visual cue for family members and guests.

Prevention Is the Best Medicine


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