How to choose the right food if your cat has kidney disease

Cats are great pets, but they do have some serious health issues. If  you have a cat with kidney disease, there are a few things to keep in  mind when choosing cat food.

Understanding Kidney Disease Problems in Cats

Kidney disease is a condition that occurs when the kidneys are unable to perform their normal functions.

Kidney disease is most common in older cats, but it can be seen at any age. Your cat’s breed may also play a role.

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Causes of Kidney Disease in Cats

Look for a formula that is low in phosphorus (less than 0.6% by weight).  This helps prevent further damage to the kidneys and promotes healing.

How to Choose Cat Food for Kidney Disease?

Phosphorus is a mineral that’s important for kidney health, but cats don’t need as much phosphorus as other species.

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Why Choose Cat Food Low in Phosphorus?


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