How to lead your business like an NFL coach

To be sure that you’re growing the company each quarter. Complete  clarity on what to do, when. Your team aligned, and rowing in the same  direction. Read on!

Decide the outcome you want for your business (and your role in it).  If you don’t have a destination, any road will get you there.

Set a Macro Goal

Break down the business into the categories that need to be systematized. Functional areas work well (Sales, Finance, HR, etc).

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It’s important at this stage to just decide WHAT needs to be accomplished, not HOW. Too often CEOs jump to how, without assessing if they have the right WHAT.

Success Criteria

Now you know what must be true to get to your goal (say $6M  top-line). Before jumping to HOW, for each area you assess where you  are.

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Draw a Line


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