How to pay for college: 7 of the best money saving tips

How to pay for college is a question on many parents’ and students’ minds. With costs rising at well above the national rate of inflation, many are looking for solutions.

Each of these tips/methods alone is a powerful way for you to handle some of your college costs. When implemented together, though, you’ll likely find that paying for college is easier than you expected!

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Grants From the Government

Many states offer grants (that you don’t need to pay back) that you can take advantage of today. These grants can go a long way toward helping you with your college costs.

Financial Aid From the School

Financial aid differs from a scholarship in that a scholarship is typically merit-based. This means that you need to “earn” your scholarship by being excellent in your academics, extracurriculars, or some combination of the two.


A scholarship is a grant or payment made to a student to support their education, awarded based on academic or extracurricular achievement, and (if used right) can go a long way toward helping you pay for college.

Student Loans

If you aren’t eligible for any financial aid and can’t access any grants, you can still get help paying for college through student loans.

Cut Costs in College

When it comes to paying for college, people often focus on how much more money you can MAKE to cover your costs and fail to remember that the other side of the equation is equally important.

Choose An Affordable School

Make sure to consider fully all your options before deciding on what you want to do for college. Community colleges, which are typically two years, give you flexible classes and plenty of transfer agreements.

Work During College

Maybe you’ve tried all of the above and realize that there’s still a portion of your college costs that you can’t cover. If so, it’s time to consider working during college.

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