How to understand & speak your child’s love language

Having children changed my life forever. I formed unique bonds with these tiny humans that grew inside me.

However, no matter how much I tried to parent them the same, their personalities are different. And, though I care for them equally, I had to find different ways to say ‘I love you.’

Words of Affirmation

Children whose love language is words of affirmation prefer hearing words that can strengthen them or make them feel loved.

Quality Time

Quality time is when you give undivided attention to your children. I also like to call this “bucket time” because I’m filling my children’s time with all my attention.

Acts of Service

Acts of service are when you do something for someone else. You’re choosing to stop what you’re doing for yourself to do something for them.


Children with a love language for gifts will appreciate any kind of gift, whether big or small. These kids don’t necessarily put value in a tangible item. Instead, they value the “thought” of you giving them a gift.

Physical Touch

The physical touch love language is when a child prefers physical expression compared to the other love languages. For instance, you can easily accomplish this expression with a hug or even holding their hands.

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