Illegal ways to change your credit score

It might be tempting to take dishonest shortcuts to reach a better  credit score overnight, but you’ll likely find yourself battling new  problems instead.

The penalty for trying to falsify credit information comes with serious criminal charges that may result in jail time or a hefty fine for you and the hacker.

Hire a Hacker

The “CPN” number they’re giving you is a Social Security number that  likely belongs to a child, a deceased person, or even a prison inmate.

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Get a CPN

Even if you manage to get an accurate negative item removed, it may  still reappear on your credit record once it’s verified with the  creditor.

Dispute Every Bad Thing On Your Credit Report

If it’s discovered that you purchased a tradeline to improve your credit scores, you’ll have your application denied or have any approvals revoked.

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Buy Authorized User Tradelines


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