Maui must-dos: The otherwordly Road to Hana

If you’re planning a vacation to Maui, odds are the Road To Hana, one of the best road trips, is on your bucket list.

Technically, the Road to Hana is the Hana Highway located in East Maui. It’s the 65-mile long portion of Hawaii Route 36 and 360 with Kahului at one end and Hana town at another.

Road to Hana is the same distance as my old one-way commute to work – 52 miles. If you did the drive during the off-season and didn’t make one stop, it would take you 2.5 hours.

This part of East Maui is mainly undeveloped and gives you a chance to experience the Maui of old. It’s a really great mix of conveniences and fantastic restaurants with the opportunity to experience the undeveloped Hawaii that draws so many.

The Road to Hana: 7 Planning Tips

You Don’t Have to Drive


With early snowfall and a highly rated ski school, Keystone is a great place to start your ski or snowboarding season.

Upgrade With A Companion Audio Guide


It adds to the experience and gives you cool information that you would get if you were with a tour guide.

Remember to Respect the Aina (Land)


“Respecting the “aina” means to respect the land, which you can do by understanding the inherent risks present in nature.”

Don’t Overschedule the Day


Between beautiful hikes, stunning waterfalls, and Instagram-worthy photo opportunities, you can easily spend a 12-hour day exploring along the way.

Understand Your Car Rental Policy


Before heading to Maui and hitting the Road to Hana stops, it is super important to review your car rental policy!

Keep the Reef in Mind


One thing to be aware of when visiting Hawaii is the importance of packing or purchasing reef-safe sunscreen to preserve the beauty of Hawaii’s coral reefs for generations to come.

Prepare for a Full Day Away from Your Resort


Think about what else would make the day comfortable and convenient for you!

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