Scammers are at it again: 5 ways to avoid “skimming”

More than $1 billion each year is lost to card skimming with both consumers and financial institutions being hurt by this theft.

One of the best ways to avoid falling prey to card skimming scams is  to check ATM machines for skimming devices before using one.

What Do ATM Skimmers Look Like?

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How to Visually Identify a Skimmer at an ATM

To spot an ATM card skimmer, the consumer has to look carefully. ATM  card skimmers tend to be hidden and hard to spot at first glance.

Can Chip Cards Be Skimmed?

Unfortunately, even with the additional layer of security that card chips introduce, theft still occurs.

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Carefully inspect the keypad and card reader. Look out for any signs of  foul play. If it appears the machine has been tampered with in any way,  don’t use it.

How to Prevent Card Skimming


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