Queer eye: 11 things your wife would love for you to learn from gay men


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Bet you can’t tear your wife away when “Queer Eye” is on, right? The sensational show, where a fab group of gay men swoop in to revamp people’s lives with their savvy insights and infectious zest. It’s quite the entertainment, not to mention, educational! And don’t get us started on how sometimes it seems like your significant other shares a closer bond with her gay friends than with you – yes, we’ve noticed

So why not imagine this article as your personal “Queer Eye” episode, where we divulge delightful pearls of gay wisdom, drawing inspiration from the finesse and vivacity that many gay men naturally embody.

We’re talking taking your kitchen game up a notch, adding a bit more flair to your romantic gestures, and oh, perhaps getting a bit more cultured (wink).

So, sit back and take notes.

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1. Amp up your fashion game

A dash of heightened fashion sense could work wonders. Now, not every gay man is a fashion mogul, but let’s face it, many have a knack for pulling together outfits that simply work.

This isn’t about morphing into a fashion icon overnight but encouraging you to explore and embrace different textures, colors, and getting the fit just right. Oh, and let’s not forget the transformative power of a stylish pair of shoes. A well-dressed man not only exudes confidence but also adds an extra sparkle to the relationship. Perhaps it’s time to add a dash of panache to your daily ensemble, transforming the mundane into runway-worthy moments!

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2. Fine-tune the art of listening

Gents, let’s be honest, sometimes, we could all use a little practice in the listening department. It’s quite common among gay men to communicate openly and listen attentively to their partners. Imbibing this habit can indeed carve a pathway to your wife’s heart. So next time, before you dive deep into the realms of your hobbies or work stories, take a moment to truly listen to what your wife has to share. Trust us, a little attentiveness can go a long way!

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3. Spice up the compliment game

A sprinkle of daily compliments can indeed keep the doctor away! A large number of gay men tend to shower their partners with genuine compliments regularly. And who doesn’t like a sprinkle of nice words here and there? By noticing and appreciating the little things, you can make your wife feel cherished and adored. So, don’t hesitate to express your admiration openly, and witness the delightful blush it brings to her face.

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4. Turn up the heat in the kitchen

Imagine your wife walking in to find you whipping up a gourmet meal, just because it’s Tuesday. While it’s certainly not true for everyone, many gay men have a knack for whipping up a storm in the kitchen. And sometimes, the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Cooking a meal can be a truly heartfelt gesture that expresses love and care. If you’re not already a wizard in the kitchen, maybe it’s time to learn a recipe or two? Surprise your wife with a home-cooked meal and watch her face light up with joy.

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5. Step up your romance game

It seems like romantic gestures have become the unsung heroes of long-term relationships. In the gay community, romantic gestures are often sprinkled liberally throughout the relationship, keeping the flame alive and flickering. It doesn’t have to be grand; even a simple ‘I love you’ note in her lunchbox can bring a broad smile to her face. So, why not try infusing small romantic gestures into your daily routine? You might be pleasantly surprised by the warmth it brings into your relationship.

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6. Elevate your grooming game

Gentlemen, the saying ‘appearance matters’ rings true more often than not. Taking a leaf from the gay community, where many prioritize grooming and personal care, can be an eye-opener. It’s not just about looking good, but feeling good too. Show your wife that you care about your appearance – a well-groomed man can indeed be a sight for sore eyes!

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7. Keep the friendship alive

It’s often observed that gay couples maintain a strong element of friendship in their relationships. This includes sharing laughs, enjoying hobbies together, and genuinely being best friends. Maintaining a friendship with your wife, peppered with light-hearted moments and shared interests, can keep the relationship fresh and lively. After all, who doesn’t want to be married to their best friend?

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8. Emotional openness

Gay men are often praised for their emotional openness and availability in their relationships. Being able to share your feelings openly and having heart-to-heart conversations can strengthen the bond between you and your wife. Remember, a little vulnerability can pave the way for deeper connections and understanding.

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9. Be more adventurous in the bedroom

For many gay couples, an active and adventurous sex life is a crucial aspect of their relationship. Learn to communicate openly about your desires and to experiment safely and consensually with new experiences. It can bring a spark of excitement and deeper intimacy to your relationship!

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10. Dip your toes in the artsy waters

Often, gay men are considered to be more culturally attuned, with a deep appreciation for the arts including theater, opera, ballet, and art galleries. It wouldn’t hurt to cultivate a bit of this artistic sensitivity. Maybe plan a surprise date to a theater show or an art exhibition. It can be a refreshing and enriching experience to dive into the world of arts, and it might just score you some extra points in the romance department. Plus, a good dose of culture is never a bad idea!

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11. Be more spontaneous

Sometimes, life needs a bit of unplanned fun, and learning to be spontaneous can really spice things up. Gay men often excel in breaking the monotony by being wonderfully unpredictable at times. Whether it’s planning a surprise getaway weekend or trying out a new hobby on a whim, the element of surprise can really keep the romance alive. And let’s face it, a bit of impromptu fun never hurt anyone, right? So go ahead, embrace the unexpected, and see where it takes you and your relationship!

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