The best sparkling wine you’ve never heard of

When you think of Italian sparkling wine, probably Prosecco comes to mind first, which isn’t surprising, given its massive production output and tremendous marketing efforts.

Interestingly, 80% of Trentodoc production is consumed in Italy, and while Trentodoc is not yet widely available in the United States, if you can get your hands on a bottle from this enigmatic region, you should.

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Made Using Metodo Classico

The classic method, traditional method, or Champagne method all refer to the same style of sparkling winemaking, where the secondary fermentation that creates the bubbles in the wine.

Additional yeast is added to each bottle along with additional sugar, (in most cases,) to be converted into carbon dioxide, which is trapped and then released as bubbles once the bottle is opened.

Mountain Atmosphere

Regardless of the nuance between valley vineyards and slope vineyards within Trentodoc, however, the mountains themselves contribute greatly to the character of all the wine produced there.

The mountains also create a natural limit, as there’s no opportunity to expand vineyards for more experimental production, but as with all limits, artists who work well within them often produce things of rare character.

Same Grapes As Champagne

Most of the grapes used in Trentodoc, in fact, were imported from France in the early 1900s by several winemakers who had gone to participate in winemaking there.

Giulio Ferrari correctly estimated that Champagne’s grapes would succeed in Trento’s particular, mountainous climate, where the cold nights help preserve desirable acidity in the grapes.


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