Take a look at some of the most beautiful drone pics of all time

If you’ve ever climbed a mountain or even just a tree, you know perspective can change the way many things look.

Airplane over beach in Italy


Beach-goers soak up some sun as the shadow of an airplane passes overhead, casting a once-in-a-lifetime shot of the shadow perfectly over the water.

Great Wall of China


Shot in Beijing, the wall separates a frosty landscape from a side that hasn’t been touched by the snow, creating a Yin-Yang-like design.

Temple of Poseidon


The sun peeks out from the corner over a shot of the Temple of Poseidon in Attica, Greece, with rolling mountains in the background as boats float by.

Wat Tang Sai Temple, Thailand


Shot by drone over a pagoda, this photo shows off the luxurious red and gold rooftop and the perfect symmetry of the building.

Senayan Stadium, Indonesia


The photo perfectly catches the glow of the stadium, the full moon and the cityscape in the background.

Forest Hill Tower, Toronto


A starry nebula overlooks the Forest Hill Tower in Toronto in this shot. While the city is barely visible, the star of this shot is, well, the stars.

Madrid, Spain, roundabout


This shot shows off a spiral landscape with intrinsic designs in the middle of a roundabout in Madrid.

Indian Lake Spillway, Ohio


It’s a zig-zag patterned spillway in Ohio’s Indian Lake. The perfect lighting in this one makes the spillway look like a beautiful abstract design.

Sailboats washed ashore in Key West


The photographer here notes that they took this photo shortly after Hurricane Irma hit Key West’s Wisteria Island.

Namibia sands


The aerial enhances the vastness of these epic and one-of-a-kind sandscapes.

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