The pros & cons of buying a short-term rental property

I’ll start by covering the pros, then move on to the cons but also provide valuable information for other readers considering a vacation home purchase.

You Can Generate Additional Income

You can rent the house out during  certain times of the year and keep it strictly for personal use the rest  of the year.

The house you buy for $400,000 and live in for 20 years may be worth twice as much in the end. That’s a financial win-win of the best kind!

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You Can Earn Long-term Capital Appreciation

Not all communities welcome short-term rentals. They prohibit them under transient use restrictions.

Not All Communities Welcome Short-term Rentals!

Whenever you have tenants in a property, there’s always the possibility  of damage. It’s even more likely with short-term rentals.

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Tenants Can Damage the Property


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