These are the world’s highest paid athletes

When it comes to the highest paid athletes in the world, I assumed  that soccer players would dominate the list. And they do with 4 of the  top 5 spots.

Interestingly, I found that NBA players hold 6 out of the top 17 spots for the highest overall earnings in 2022. The list also includes 4 football players, 1 tennis player, 1 golfer, and 1 boxer.

Sport: Football 2022 Total Earnings: $68M Age: 38 Years as a professional athlete: 18

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Aaron Rodgers

Sport: Football 2022 Total Earnings: $72.3M Age: 34 Years as a professional athlete: 13

Matthew Stafford

Sport: Basketball 2022 Total Earnings: $74.4M Age: 33 Years as a professional athlete: 12

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James Harden


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