The best US cities for paying down college debt

As graduation approaches and you start thinking about life after college, you may find yourself wondering what the best cities for recent college grads are.

While the “best” place to live after college will depend on your degree and needs, it’s important to find a place that allows you to live life fully while also making your student loan payments.

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Tampa, Florida

Tampa is home to Busch Gardens, the historic Ybor City district, hip restaurants, breweries, and sports centers. Plus, it boasts a job growth rate of 42.1%. There is also no income tax in Tampa.

Tampa is home to a young and thriving population that enjoys an eclectic arts scene and party culture. Add its high job growth rate in lucrative industries and beautiful natural appeal, and you have a city that’s perfect for recent college grads.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando ranked #1 for job growth rate and income tax (it has none!) in our survey. While the rent is a bit high, this fun, touristy city can be a great place to live after college if you get a couple of roommates.

There is no shortage of things to do, and people are needed in all industries. Between the job opportunities and local attractions, Orlando is one of the best cities for young people.

Lubbock, Texas

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, art admirer, music maestro, or food aficionado, Lubbock has something for you. The city is full of rich history and emerging industries that make it an exciting place to live.

Lubbock is a great place to get on your feet after college with its low cost of living and high job growth rate. When you’re not working, you can enjoy all of the culinary, cultural, and natural attractions this up-and-coming city has to offer.


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