10 ways to make your paycheck go further

Financial stress holds many Americans back from achieving career goals and, in turn, life goals. But there are often overlooked ways employers may help.

A lot of U.S. workers forget what benefits their HR director mentioned during the onboarding process. Interestingly, most American workers want some kind of financial help from work when asked.

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Split your paycheck so saving money becomes automatic

Most jobs pay through direct deposit now and you can send the money wherever you want. This means you can split the money between two accounts.

Know how your company’s 401(k) program works

Understand how enrollment works and if they offer incentives like matching. Take advantage of this tool and use it as early as you have access to it.

Check into flex spending or savings accounts

These can include savings accounts for out-of-pocket health care costs, childcare costs and work transportation.

Don’t ignore insurance because you’re healthy

Always take advantage of company insurance – it’s usually the most affordable and hassle-free option, anyway.

Consider decreasing your tax withholding

If you get a huge refund every year, talk to your HR department about decreasing your tax withholding. This will mean you get more money in each paycheck.


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