75 of the World’s Weirdest Facts

 There are endless bizarre wonders you may not know about the world around you – and a few out in the heavens as well.

Snow in the Sahara

In fact, there are just a handful of recorded snowfalls– the first on Feb. 18, 1979, another in December 2016, and the latest on Jan. 9, 2018.

The School  older than Aztec civilization

The Aztecs founded Tenochtitlan in 1325, but there’s a school that predates them. The University of Oxford became a full-fledged university in 1249.

It’s raining … glass?

In 2013, astronomers found a deep azure planet where “it possibly rains liquid glass sideways amid 4,500 mph winds.” Yikes.

Get Salty

A hotel in Bolivia is made of salt. That includes the chairs, tables, and beds.

Island of Dolls

Just south of Mexico City is the home to hundreds of terrifying dolls with missing eyes, limbs, and heads. It was originally meant as a dedication to a little girl who died under strange circumstances.

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