Gorgeous Photos  of one of America’s Most Popular National Parks 

If you’re stuck at home but are yearning for adventure, look no further than Glacier National Park.  You don’t need to visit this park in person to appreciate it.

1. It’s in Montana and Canada

The park is actually international, with the border between the  United States and Canada.

2. Glacier National Park is 1,583 square miles in size

3. It’s home to the state’s flower

You can find lovely fields of bitterroot during wildflower season.

4. It has 700 miles  of hiking trails

Visitors relish the park’s 700 miles of hiking trails.

5. You can see sunbeams here

If you’re lucky, you may spot sunbeams over Avalanche Creek, as pictured here.

6. It also has glaciers

On the Canadian side,  you can see glacier-carved peaks and valleys.

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