How to save for college while you’re still in high school

Figuring out how to save for college can be just as important as deciding what you major or which school to attend. It’s never too early to start to save money as a high school student, especially as higher education costs continue to soar.

High schoolers can pick up a part-time or summer job to increase the amount of money they’re able to save toward college. Check for even more tips on how to start saving up money for college while you are still in high school.

Picking up a Part-Time or Summer Job

Working a part-time or summer job can help you tackle how to save money for college while in high school, as long as you keep your savings goals realistic and have a plan in mind for what the money will be used for in school.

Managing Expenses by Budgeting

When making a college budget, make sure you research what things like books, transportation, rent and groceries are going to cost in the area. You can then look at what you might be able to cut in order to save more.

Switching up Your Savings Account

A high-yield checking or savings account could earn you significantly more money based on the interest. This could help your college savings fund grow quicker.

Researching Scholarships and Grants

Getting a scholarship, or a few, can go a long way in lessening the financial burden you face in college. Some scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen so spending some time researching scholarships and grants could pay off in the long run.