22 Facts About Jeopardy That You Probably Don’t Know

I'll take, what are 22 things you may not know about the gameshow, Alex?

The original daytime version of Jeopardy, hosted by Art Fleming, debuted more than 55 years ago on March 30th, 1964.

The syndicated version, hosted by Alex Trebek, launched September 10, 1984.

Alex Trebek’s full name is Giorgi Suka-Alex Trebek (George Alexander Trebek).

Jeopardy films a week’s worth of episodes in one day. But Trebek changes suits (he says he has “about a hundred”) between each episode to maintain the illusion of time passing.

Brad Rutter holds the record for the most cash won by a single player: $4,688,436.

Although it’s never happened, the maximum winnable sum in a single game is $566,400. A single contestant would have to sweep both boards, find all three Daily Doubles – in the top tier and at the end of each round – make them true Daily Doubles and then wager everything in Final Jeopardy.

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