Resources to help Black women close the wealth gap

The Black community has had limited access to building wealth for generations. A closer look at wealth in America reveals staggering racial wealth disparities.

Systematic inequality, lack of financial literacy, high default rates on student loans and employment discrimination, among other factors, have led to the racial wealth gap.

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Access to Mortgages and Homeownership

To lower your costs even more, consider buying your home and auto policies from the same company for a multi-policy discount.

Securing Employment and Higher Income

You can implement some savvy strategies that can make living on a small salary manageable, such as finding assistance programs, asking friends and family for help.

Learning How to Make Informed and Effective Financial Decisions

Learning more about your money can help you develop a budget, save more and improve how you manage your expenses.

Cost of Using a Financial Expert

There are free and low-cost options. Some advisors offer complimentary consultation or services.

Paying for Education and Using Student Loans

Relying on grants and scholarships to fund college can help African American students be more financially stable in adulthood.