The No. 1 trick to buying a car if you live in the Southwest

With both flash-flooding and dry heat in the forecast, how do you choose the right vehicle?  Not all cars are suited for extreme heat or heavy rains, but vehicles with the following features and systems will fare far better in the extreme conditions of the Southwest.

Six considerations to make when buying your car

In addition to shopping for the best rate on an auto loan, which can vary in APR and term length, drivers should look for a car that can handle local weather and road conditions. Here are some of the ways your next car can be outfitted for extremes:


Hot weather isn’t typically correlated with all-wheel drive (AWD), but even if you won’t be near the snow, having AWD can help with traction, especially on wet or unpaved roads.

Seasonal tires

Tires affect traction and handling even more than wheels and drivetrain, so good tires are crucial in wet and muddy conditions.

Brake systems

Anti-lock braking (ABS) is essential technology since it helps prevent wheels from locking up and makes the vehicle easier to steer when a driver brakes hard.

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