Here’s how to make Alexa stop listening to your conversations

Knowing how to temporarily disable Alexa’s microphone is key for those times when you just want to know that you’re truly home alone.

1. Amazon Echo

The fourth button on the Amazon Echo will turn off the microphone, and is in the 9 o’clock position.

2. Amazon Echo Dot

There are still four buttons on the top, and the mic off button is still in the 9 o’clock position.

3. Amazon Echo Plus

Turning the microphone off is the same routine as with the Echo and Echo Dot.

4. Echo Spot

Like the Echo Dot and Echo Plus, it’s a round button with a line through it, and it’s at the top in the center.

5. Echo Show

Look to the far left if the Echo Show is facing you for the button of a circle with a line through it and press it.

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