13 Totally Tasty Substitutes for Bacon

Discover the best bacon substitutes for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, and adventurous foodies.

13 healthier bacon substitutions (some only slightly so) that can help you cut back on some of the fat, cholesterol and sodium and still get some of that flavor you crave.


This Italian cured ham is lower in cholesterol and total fat than bacon, with about the same sodium levels.

Beef bacon

What makes it a good substitute for pork-belly bacon is that it has less fat and more protein. And if you opt for the uncured beef bacon (and you should), you’ll reduce your sodium levels as well.

Turkey bacon (and duck)

 If you’re not a fan of turkey bacon, though, and you want less fat than that found in pork bacon, you can give duck bacon a try. 


Capicola is a delicious cured meat that crisps up nicely and, like prosciutto, can take the place of bacon pretty much anywhere.

Salmon bacon

Bacon made from fish? Yes, and it tastes like fish. Salty, smokey fish.

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