10 Celebs We Absolutely Love to Hate


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There are plenty of celebs with cult-like followings and a good amount who are adored by the masses. There are also tons of famous folks who have done horrible things and are therefore hated by the public. But there’s that in-between that exists, too. We’re talking about celebrities who people practically get high off of hating, like the ten we’ve listed below.

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1. Donald Trump

Is there a more polarizing politician on the planet than former President Donald Trump? There are endless memes making fun of him and it’s become a guilty pleasure for so many people. Either you’re flying a MAGA flag in your yard or you’re talking about how much you can’t freaking stand the guy. 

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2. Kim Kardashian

So many people can’t stand Kim K, it’s sometimes alarming to realize how rich and famous she truly is. And that’s probably the main reason people hate her: Because she’s rich and famous … for seemingly no real reason. The hating definitely extends beyond Kim and to the rest of her family, too, although she seems to stay at the healm for the haters. 

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3. Amber Heard

The televised court proceedings in a defamation suit between Amber Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp felt like a deeply personal, dirty little (huge) secret that none of us should have been privy too. Alas, the world watched videos, listened to recordings, and heard stories about the dramatic and insane innerworkings of the Depp-Heard marriage. While both parties have received their fair share of hate, Heard took the brunt of it, particularly because it came out that she defecated on Depp’s pillow, causing the public to dub her “Amber Turd,” much to their twisted delight.

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4. Aaron Rodgers

Apparently, Aaron Rodgers’ own family has cut ties with him, and the masses of the public have followed suit. Rodgers’ has stirred up hate far beyond that of a normal quarterback in the NFL (like Tom Brady), mostly because of his polarizing personal beliefs and remarks — although many football fans will loop bad play in there, too. 

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5. Joe Biden

Just as people can’t stand Donald Trump, there are droves of folks who love to hate on President Joe Biden. From cracks about his old age and mental state to Bidenomics and problems with his political position, this guy gets plenty of hate hurled his way.

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6. Lebron James

While many fans regard Lebron as one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game, James has tons of haters who get a high off of talking smack about him. Much of the criticism directed towards him stems from his dominance on the court, which has led to rivalries and competitive tensions, especially among fans of opposing teams. And then there are the folks who don’t like him because he’s regularly compared to Michael Jordan, and that just won’t fly, no matter how much you believe it can. 

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7. Taylor Swift

Swifties will whip out their pitchforks faster than you can say “Shake it off,” but there are plenty of people who don’t fear the beaded bracelet-wearing, glitter-covered mob. Have you ever heard a Metallica fan when T-Swift comes on the radio? It’s brutal.

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8. Meghan Markle

We like to think Meghan Markle was generally unsuspecting to the hate she’d endure when she entered into the royal family, and ooh-wee, the woman can’t seem to shake it. Tons of people blame her for causing strife between Harry and his royal family members, and from every angle and aspect, she is constantly ridiculed. 

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9. Rosie O’Donnell

People can’t stand Rosie O’Donnell so much that they even found the cute little elephant in Tarzan annoying just because she was the voice behind her. Poor little Tantor.

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10. Dennis Rodman

When you’re as eclectic as Dennis Rodman, haters are gonna hate. When you start getting into things in your personal life that are as odd as your appearance, it’ll get worse. 

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