10 Things That Introverts Are Thinking but Not Saying


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There are many different levels to being an introvert. While some introverts will do everything in their power to avoid unnecessary social interactions, others will occasionally step outside their comfort zones. Introverts can be great observers, and because many introverts spend so much time in a state of introspection, their levels of empathy can be off the charts. 

Another key thing to remember with introverts is that they aren’t necessarily “shy” — and there’s plenty going on in their head. Let’s take a look at some of the most common things an introvert is probably thinking (but not saying) when they’re out in a busy setting.

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1. ‘Do These Plans Actually Require My Attendance?’

You don’t have to be an introvert to find yourself at complete odds with someone trying to peer pressure you into hanging out with a group of friends. While they’re certainly your friends for a reason, making a mindful effort to consistently carve out “me time” often ranks higher than socializing on your list of priorities. 

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2. ‘If I Ignore These Texts Long Enough, They’ll Forget About Wanting A Response’

Even if a close friend has texted you, you might have zero desire to respond in a timely manner due to a drained social battery. A big part of this can simply be because the longer that a text conversation is carried on, the more room there is for the person on the other side of the conversation to try to rope you into committing to plans. 

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3. ‘If Only They Knew How Witty and Clever I Can Truly Be’

While an introvert may have plenty of hilarious one-liners and funny stories stored away, they’re also likely to have a hard time actually sharing those stories with proper timing. A great thing to do for any introverted friend you have is to make conversational space available for them.

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4. ‘I Really Need a Haircut, but All That Small Talk Is Rough’

By the very nature of our jobs and other societal obligations, some of us are required to keep up with a polished and well-trimmed appearance more than others. Unfortunately, some of us are also brought to a sweaty-palmed panic at the mere thought of sitting in a chair while someone makes small talk while cutting our hair. Small talk is nothing short of a Herculean event for some introverts. 

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5. ‘I Should’ve Grabbed More Snacks Before My Roommates’ Friends Came Over’

Depending on where you find yourself in life, you might be renting an apartment with a few roommates. If that’s the case, then you’ll know that even with a heads-up that your roommate is having friends over, there still isn’t enough time for you to stock up on necessary provisions to avoid running into their friends. The solution? Keep a stash of snacks and water in your room so you don’t have to make awkward small talk. Or, you know, go say hi.

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6. ‘I Need To Work in a Coffee Shop Today for Better Wi-Fi, But Also … Do I?’

Certain introverts may eventually brave the great outdoors to post up at a coffee shop, but they might go to the worst one they can find just to avoid the crowds. Especially in this day and age with so many digital nomads running amok, coffee shops have become their own hectic social venues. 

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7. ‘That Person Hasn’t Said Anything Yet — We Might Have a New Friend’

Should you find yourself in a social gathering because you simply couldn’t avoid it, you also will likely find yourself avidly scanning the crowd to suss out the (other) introverts in the group. Once you’ve identified a fellow introvert, you might even try to get a conversation going with them just to avoid not saying anything at all. 

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8. ‘When I Get Home, I’m Going To Netflix in My Cave Of Solitude So Hard’

After a long day’s work (and some of the necessary socializing that can come with it), many introverts are going to devote a cherished window of time toward recharging, which might look like isolating and watching Netflix when they get home. It’s the little things that can really keep you going. 

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9. ‘Those Grocery Lines Are Impossible. Tomorrow It Is.’

The process of waiting in a lengthy grocery line can be a panic-inducing experience for an introvert. You might as well have found yourself up on stage. Your turn comes and you fumble for your wallet, only to drop it and slow down the otherwise flowing line of impatient people behind you. Yeah, you wouldn’t think it’s the biggest deal in the world, but you’d be very wrong for your average introvert. 

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10. ‘Can I Text an Introduction of Myself To My New Coworkers?’

The structured process of introducing yourself to new coworkers can be a terrible, anxiety-inducing journey for an introvert. This applies whether you’re in a Zoom/Hangouts call or in an actual office. The build-up process of eventually having to take the mic to provide a brief rundown of your life story (before you have a stress blackout and forget where you’re even from) can be hauntingly reminiscent of the time when you started a new class in school. 

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