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We all lose things now and then. But do you know someone who’s in a constant state of searching for their keys, or digging through their bottomless purse for a pen? While it might seem impossible to keep track of all things at all time, it doesn’t have to be quite so hard.

These 11 products for people who constantly lose things can make life just a little bit easier — and your key a little bit simpler to track down.

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1. This Bluetooth Sensor Will Help You Track Down Your Lost Keys

$38 (was $48) at Amazon

You can attach a Tile (they come in different shapes and sizes) to keychains, gym bags, backpacks or luggage. Then, if you lose one of these items, ask the Tile app on your smartphone to find it for you.

Lose your phone? That isn’t a problem if you are using Tiles to track your items, thanks to the “reverse ring” feature. Pressing the button on a Tile twice will make your phone ring even if it’s in silent mode.

Since the other popular Bluetooth tracker, the Apple AirTag, only works with Apple devices, this tracker is a great option for those who have smart phones from another brand.

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2. Attach This Handy Holder To Your Tube Of Lip Balm

$10 at Target

Stop digging around inside your purse for your ChapStick or Burt’s Bees. Instead, let this useful little holder turn your lip balm container into a keychain. With this Thread Wallets holder you can attach your balm to something bigger and theoretically never lose it again. At 2 inches long, it fits any standard-sized lip balm, and it comes in 12 designs and colors.

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3. Stop Losing That Second Sock

$13 (was $19) at Amazon

Laundry is enough of a hassle without dealing with socks separating and one going missing forever. But folding sock pairs together before washing can lead to an uneven clean.

The solution? These handy plastic rings from The Helping Hand Company. They hold two socks together while allowing them to get fully washed. You can fit two dress socks through a single ring or two thicker sweat socks through the double rings.

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4. Reduce The Number Of Lost Hairpins With This Magnetic Holder

$16 (was $21) at Amazon

Hairpins scatter in dresser drawers, and they aren’t particularly good at staying put on top of dressers, either. Enter the HairpinPal from Blue Feather Products, a magnetic dish that holds them tight whether in or out of your dresser — or even in your purse. It’s great for bobby pins, duck bill clips and metal barrettes.

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5. Attach Your Pen To Your Notebook Or Journal

$8 at Walmart

Always losing your pen? This genius gadget from Sardfxul is a square piece of leather (about 1½ inches) that attaches via an adhesive to a diary, journal, notebook, schedule, calendar, tablet case or whatever else you need to write on. It has an elastic loop that allows you to slip a pen through and keep it securely in place.

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6.  Keep Your Cards And Money With Your Phone So You Are Less Likely To Lose Them

$8 at Amazon

This phone wallet “pocket” from Senose attaches to your smartphone with a strong 3M adhesive. You can use it to hold up to four cards (like credit cards and a driver’s license) plus some cash bills. You might even squeeze a house key inside. Now all of your important items (phone, key, money, license) are all in one, compact spot.

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7. Let All Of Your Remote Controls Hang Together

$20 at Amazon

These days, we’ve got more remotes than ever. Between the TV, the cable TV, the satellite TV, the DVR, the DVD, the Blu-ray, the light switch, the fan and … who knows what else, keeping the remotes in one place can be challenging.

Never lose the remote in the couch cushions (or under the coffee table) again by attaching them all to this portable Remote Rangler. Then hang the whole thing on a single hook!

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8. Invest In An Apple Air Tag

$24 (was $29) at Amazon

Want to keep track of your luggage, your dog, your wallet or your medication? An Apple Air Tag can help. Just attach the Air Tag to the item, and if you lose it, you can track it down via the Find My app on your Apple device.

The AirTag will send out a Bluetooth signal to nearby Apple devices to triangulate its location. Then you can see it on a map on your phone. While there are a number of Bluetooth trackers out there, this one is best if you have an iPhone, since the network of iPhone users is pretty extensive.

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9. Make Sure You Have Your Valuables When You Leave The House

$40 at Amazon

Do you tend to forget one of the big three (keys, wallet, phone) on the way out the door? Then this doormat from Daylor is a great idea. Depending on the workings of your particular brain, you may want to use a Sharpie to add “Feed the dog,” “Turn out the lights,” or “Unplug the iron.”

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10. Use A Cool Case To Hold Your Earbuds So You Don’t Misplace Them As Easily

$10 at Amazon

Once upon a time, you may have tossed your earbuds into your purse or gym bag — then found yourself swearing you’d never do that again. Untangling a jumbled mess of earbud wires is no one’s idea of a good use of time.

Instead, wind your earbud wires into this protective silicone pouch. It’s easy to find in your bag, and when you need them next, simply unfurl them and plug them in.

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11. Hang Your Eyeglasses From This Brooch To Keep Yourself From Misplacing Them

If you’re always losing your eyeglasses, you know how annoying that can be, especially if you’re too nearsighted to find them easily. You might want to consider the MJartoria eyeglass-holding brooch. It comes with one brooch and 12 snap-on centerpieces so you can change up your look every day. The hook holds sunglasses, reading glasses, or eyeglasses so you’ll never lose them again.

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