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Asia is a bucket list destination for foodies looking for an unbridled culinary adventure. The continent’s culinary offerings span diverse dishes flavored with spices and herbs unique to the region and made using cooking techniques perfected over centuries. Asia has some of the best destinations for food lovers searching for a budget-friendly gastronomic adventure that leaves a lasting impression.

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1. Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang is a UNESCO World Heritage city whose cuisine is heavily influenced by the French colonial era and its historical connection to the neighboring countries. The city offers a unique blend of Lao, French, and Thai flavors. The food scene spans across restaurants, cafés, food stalls, and food markets serving delicious local thoroughfare. Some must-have delights include Khao Niao, sticky rice, laap, a traditional Lao minced meat dish, grilled Mekong fish, and Tam Mak Houng, a spicy green papaya salad.

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2. Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, blends centuries-old architecture with mouthwatering thoroughfare to reward visitors with an unforgettable culinary experience. The pho soup is the city’s signature dish and is available everywhere, from street stalls to high-end restaurants. It comprises rice noodles, fresh herbs, beef or chicken, and local condiments such as fish sauce, chili pepper, and lemon juice. Other must-try dishes include goi cuon, fresh spring rolls made with fresh veggies, and the world-famous Vietnamese coffee.

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3. Bangkok, Thailand

Alongside ornate shrines and elaborate temples, Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, offers an incredible culinary experience. The food scene, which caters to every budget and palate, ranges from delectable street food to world-class restaurants. The city is renowned for delicious spicy street food such as meat kebabs, pad Thai, soups, and spicy curries. The use of local spices, fresh ingredients, and traditional cooking techniques lend an irresistible flavor to each dish.

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4. Singapore

With its melting pot of cultures, Singapore’s capital is a foodie haven. The Singaporean thoroughfare comprises a blend of Indian, Malay, and Chinese food, making for an unforgettable culinary adventure. The food scene ranges from food stands to hawker centers and fusion restaurants that blend Asian ingredients with Western cooking styles. Signature dishes include Hainanese chicken rice, a poached chicken dish, laksa, a spicy rice noodle soup, and char kway teow, fried rice noodles with shrimp.

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5. Tokyo, Japan

With its diverse culinary specialties, Tokyo tops the list of many food enthusiasts. The city’s culinary landscapes range from globally renowned Wagyu beef restaurants to famous sushi restaurants and ramen shops. Visitors can sample fresh sushi made from freshly caught fish and chef-inspired wagyu beef dishes such as shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. Traditional ramen shops offer steaming bowls of tasty, freshly made ramen noodles with broth, soft eggs, and roast pork toppings.

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6. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, the Taiwanese capital, offers food lovers a distinct food experience. The culinary landscape fuses the Chinese and Japanese offerings with a distinct Taiwanese twist. Eatery options range from street stalls to specialty seafood restaurants serving grilled or fried crabs, oysters, lobsters, and clams. Signature dishes in the street stalls include filled buns, thick pancakes, sauteed noodles, kebabs, and meatballs. The city is world-famous for its oolong tea.

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7. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a food lover’s paradise, offering a rich and diverse cuisine that spans traditional Chinese foods to high-level international cuisine. The city’s signature dishes include dim sum, traditional steamed dumplings, fresh seafood, and street food such as fried fish dumplings, beef noodles, meat bread, and desserts. The city is also the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine, which includes roast duck and crispy pork belly made using Cantonese cooking techniques.

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8. Mumbai, India

Mumbai is a vibrant culinary destination with a diverse offering to cater to every foodie’s taste and preference. It offers a delicious cuisine famous for its spices, curries, flavors, and fragrances. Street food is widespread, and the city is covered with food stalls that immerse visitors in the local dishes. Signature dishes include pani puri, spicy fried bread balls; vada pav, a potato-based burger; kebabs, and pav bhaji, a spicy vegetable dish on toast. Other notable offerings include biryani, roti bread, and seafood.

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9. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malayan capital, Kuala Lumpur, offers a diverse cuisine that mirrors the country’s cultural diversity. The city offers an irresistible blend of Malay, Indian, Chinese, and international flavors. It’s known for its bustling markets, street foods, and modern dining scene. Signature dishes include satay, grilled meat skewers, nasi lemak, coconut rice, roti canai, Indian flatbread with curry sauce, and laksa, a spicy rice noodle soup. Various international restaurants offer anything from Italian pasta to Japanese sushi and Korean barbecue.

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10. Battambang, Cambodia

Set in northwestern Cambodia, Battambang combines a rich cultural heritage with delectable cuisine to reward travelers with a delightful culinary experience. Signature offerings include fish Amok, a spicy fish curry served with rice; samlor korkor, a tasty and nutritious soup; Khmer noodles, and Khmer red curry. The streets are peppered with food vendors, and visitors can sign up for cooking classes that use fresh ingredients from the local markets.

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11. Mandalay, Myanmar

Mandalay is the cultural capital of Myanmar, and the city immerses visitors in the delightful Burmese cuisine that spans delicious street food and regional specialties. Popular dishes include Mandalay mutton curry and shan noodles. Tea houses are central to Mandalay’s food culture, and they serve delicious teas with popular Burmese snacks such as fried tofu, samosas, and steamed buns. Food stalls and night markets come alive in the evening to offer street food delights that include satay, thote, and grilled skewers.

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12. Baguio, Philippines

Known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio offers scenic views and rich cultural history while taking foodies on an unparalleled culinary adventure. The city is renowned for its strawberry-infused delights, such as strawberry sinigang and strawberry taho. Signature offerings include binungor, pinipikan, kiniwar, and traditionally smoked meats. Delights unique to this city include Ube jam, made from purple yams and strawberry wine.

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Other notable Asian destinations for food lovers include

  • Hoi An, Vietnam: Popular for its street food and regional specialties such as white rose dumplings, Cao lau, thick chewy rice noodles, banhmi, a Vietnamese sandwich, and fried wontons.
  • Tainan, Taiwan: A city in southern Taiwan with a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant food scene with flavorful snacks and dishes. Signature dishes include danzai noodles that are topped with minced pork and shrimp and garnished with fresh vegetables.
  • Kuching, Malaysia: A culinary paradise perched on Borneo Island and home to the world-famous Sarawak layer cake, an intricate and colorful dessert staple to the region.

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