22 ways to declutter your household & make some cash


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Whether you want to simplify your life or go full minimalist, you will need to majorly declutter. Good news is there are ways you can turn your clutter into cash.

No one understands better than me how hard it can be to get motivated. If any of you know me personally, I am pretty lazy. However, the possibility to easily make extra money was the push I needed in the right direction.

As many of you know, we also flip guitars on eBay as a side hustle in addition to this blog and our day jobs. Up-cycling furniture or decor is another popular option for turning clutter into cash. I also sell some of our clothes and accessories on Poshmark. Even though we don’t make millions by doing so, it has definitely helped more than we ever thought.

First, you need to ask yourself: Do you need to get rid of your clutter fast, or are you willing to hold out a little longer for a potentially decent payout?

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Here are the ways you can turn your clutter into cash!

Let’s go through the areas of our home and see what we can sell. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! As far as realistic side hustle ideas go, this is as real as it gets.

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Let’s start with the basement

Old electronics and furniture tend to end up in our basements — along with any old holiday decor, workout equipment, old collections and any secrets that your family keeps. That last one was a joke. Or was it?

Half of what you find down there you can probably sell online for a nice profit, flip or up-cycle to resell at consignment shops.

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1. Make money for your old electronics

You can sell them to stores like GameStop, V Stock and pawn shops, but you will often get nowhere near the amount that they are actually worth.

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2. Get paid for your old video games

Sell CD’s, DVD’s, cell phones, tablet’s and even books using the Decluttr app.

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3. Get paid for your old smart phones

Use Amazon Trade-in to sell your old smart phones. If you are in the United Kingdon, you can use O2 Recycle to make money with your old cell phones and smart phones.

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4. Sell your old textbooks

You might be able to make your money back on all those expensive college textbooks by selling them on Amazon. See how here.

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5. Sell collectibles on craigslist or Letgo.

Letgo is like a more sophisticated version of craigslist when it comes to listing items for sale locally.

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6. Sell or swap your old kid’s clothes and toys

You can swap these items at Swap.com, an online consignment shop.

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Into the garage and shed we go

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7. Sell scrap metal at your local scrap yard

This is often easy to find in your garage, shed or yard. Especially if you do not tend to throw away scraps and broken tools as you perform maintenance on your house or vehicle.

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8. Collect aluminum cans and tabs

You can make cash off of old aluminum cans and tabs.

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9. Sell old car parts

You can make cash on craigslist or eBay by selling old car parts.

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10. Sell your car online

You can sell your car online with Vroom and make some cash.

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11. Have a garage or yard sale for any hard-to-sell items online

Use the TallySheetApp to easily keep track of everything you sell or even have group sales with your neighborhood

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12. Use an app to help you sell tough items

Use the Varagesale app for any items you couldn’t get rid of at the garage sale.

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13. Rent out your lawnmower or weed whacker

You can use Fatllama to rent out anything from a camera to a game console to even your yard tools.

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Let’s go through the pantries and closets

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14. Sell designer brands online

If you have brands in high demand such as Coach, Michael Kors and Kat Von D that you no longer feel attachment to, you can make quite a bit of money on Poshmark. The best thing about Poshmark is you can make good money selling more affordable brands like Old Navy and Nike too. 

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15. Sell non-designer brands online

Sell your old clothes, accessories and handbags of all brands on ThredUp.

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16. Go to your local thrift shop

Check out your local Plato’s Closet to see how much you can get for any brands or items that you may be unable to sell online for a profit.

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What have we thrown into any guest rooms?

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17. Put up any antiques, collectibles or jewelry up for auction

You may have accumulated antique items that you have nowhere to put or collections that you have no room for anymore. Don’t pitch them because they may end up having a high value. Tophatter is a great way to auction these items off online with little or no hassle.

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18. Try eBay for another way of auctioning off items

The more quirky the item, the easier it is to sell it on eBay.

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19. Sell more books

As you are cleaning out the rooms throughout your house, books may keep popping up here and there. If you have no luck selling your books on Amazon, try out sellbackyourbook.com.

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20. Up-cycle old pieces of furniture, decor or light fixtures

Make up-cycling old pieces you own a unique renovation on a budget, or resell them on Etsy. You could even create our own blog and online shop to create a small side hustle or full-time hustle.

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Let’s clean out those ‘everything drawers’

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21. Make money with your receipts

How many errands did you run today and shoved those receipts in your ‘junk drawer,’ or ‘everything drawer,’ or whatever you call it? You can make money by scanning those receipts with Ibotta

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22. Get money back on your bills

Look through old cable, wifi, phone and utility bills and ask yourself: Should you really be paying that much? Trim is an app that will negotiate lower bills for you. Trim has saved us $66.12 on our AT&T bill since we signed up back on Jan. 4, 2018! 

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Last but not least, make sure to budget

What better way to keep track of expenses than with a fun and FREE budget planner!? Writing everything down is the best solution I have found to stay on track and stick to a budget. This is why I created a budget planner and  printable tracker that can be used to create a budget from scratch with little to no effort! All you have to do it fill it out every month to help you stick to that budget.

Keep in mind that everyone has different financial needs depending on their financial situations. There may be some sections and categories in this planner that may or may not apply to you. There may also be some additional sections and categories that apply to your financial situation but are not included in this freebie planner.

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