5 smart devices to help you navigate New York City


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New York City is unlike any other metropolis in the world. It’s crowded with skyscrapers, bursting with traffic and inhabited by folks who always seem to be in a hurry. If you live in New York and don’t know where you’re going or how to get there, you can easily get lost in the crowd (and just as easily annoy someone).

It takes time to adjust to New York’s fast pace, but you don’t have to go it alone. These five smart devices can help you navigate the city that never sleeps.

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1. Beeline

Are you a commuter who hates the subway? (These days, who doesn’t hate the subway?) If so, bikes are probably your best bet. The Beeline navigation device can help you reach your destination without fail. This watch-like gadget displays an arrow to guide you on your journey, as well as the distance you have left to cover.

The Beeline can display a clock, speedometer, odometer and other readouts to help guarantee a smooth ride. Just link the Beeline to your smartphone, set the device to compass mode and it can guide you to your destination. 

SmartHalo is another useful smart biking device, although you’ll need a smartphone handy to read some of its details.

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2. Tile Sport

Losing something in New York City is an unfortunate inevitability — especially if you’re a tourist. The Tile Sport is a handy, cost-effective way to keep track of your possessions. Simply insert the device into a wallet or bag, and it can send you a smartphone notification if you’re leaving without your item(s).

Like the Beeline, the Tile is waterproof. It can be submerged in 1.5 meters of water for up to half an hour.

Interested in another option? Consider TrackR, which is similarly priced but, unlike the Tile, is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

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3. Flow

Flow is useful for checking New York City’s air quality. It can be a helpful device to own if you suffer from asthma or are otherwise affected by poor air.

Flow measures nitrogen dioxide, volatile organic compounds and other particulate matter to help you know what your lungs are in for. The device is also quite portable at just five inches long.

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4. Muse

Sometimes, you just need a break from the city. Meditation is a good proverbial app for that, but it can be difficult to slow down in a place as fast as New York. Muse is a meditation assistant that can help you clear your mind.

Muse prompts you to pick a relaxing sound when you start it up. That sound will play for as long as you’re relaxed but, because Muse can detect your state of mind, the app will intensify those sounds if it starts to wander. You can also review your meditation session after you’re done.

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5. Raven

No smart car, no problem. Raven can transform any vehicle into a smart device that makes New York driving easier. Raven includes helpful features like automated security, smart navigation and even vehicle diagnostics.

Navigating New York City doesn’t have to be a daily battle. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, these devices can help make life in the Big Apple less of a hassle.

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