7 quick & easy lunches under 400 calories

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Eating right at work can be tough. Whether you’re stressed or just pushed for time, sometimes what’s easily accessible isn’t always what’s healthiest. But, with just a little prep time the night before work or in the morning (if you’re more of a morning person than I am) can keep you from reaching for the chips and keep you eating delicious and healthy foods from the comfort of your desk.

Check out these 7 meals that are under 400 calories and sure to help you have a better lunch hour:

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Avocado Toast

Packing an avocado to spread on your toast at lunch will be the best decision you make all day. Sprinkle some cheese and red pepper flakes on top, and you’re all set to eat a yummy and healthy lunch. Easy, tasty and healthy. What could be better?

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Lettuce Wraps

Instead of bringing just another old boring sandwich to eat at your desk, switch it up a little and substitute lettuce for bread. It’ll be a healthy, refreshing change.

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Mug Recipe

If you have a microwave at work, it’s super easy to heat up a quick lunch in a mug. Try this recipe for mac ‘n cheese that you can make in one easy dish.

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Rice Cake Sandwich

Rice cakes can be made into sweet or savory sandwiches at work. Add almond butter, honey and sliced almonds to your rice cake for a sweet, but low-calorie treat. Or add cream cheese and chives for a more savory option. Get creative and have a some fun at lunch!

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Mason Jar Salad

Salads that can be easily contained in a mason jar are great for not making a mess or having to lug a lot of containers in to work. Learn how to pack the perfect mason jar salad without getting anything soggy, and you’re on your way to the perfect salad lunch.

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Quinoa & Fruit

Adding fruits like strawberries and blueberries to quinoa can make for a very filling and low calorie lunch option.

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Apple Sandwich

Cutting apples into round slices and topping them with cheddar cheese or peanut butter and granola is a healthy option to help you get through work and home just in time for dinner.

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