An original Frank Lloyd Wright house is for sale in California

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If you dream of living in an original, untouched Frank Lloyd Wright home, this listing is sure to put a smile on your face. This beautiful home dubbed “The Fawcett Farm” is nestled in California’s fertile Central Valley and is nothing short of heaven on earth.

And you could be the lucky buyer… as long as you have $3.825 million to spend.

The California home has a whopping seven bedrooms and six bathrooms, and sits on 76 acres of land in Los Banos, California, within the San Joaquin Valley.

The house is 4,041 square feet and features a gorgeous open floor plan with huge floor-to-ceiling and wall to wall windows. It was one of Wright’s later designs, reaching completion in 1961.

The home’s open floor plan makes for a breezy indoor-outdoor style of living, something Wright was notoriously fond of.

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The house also has a small museum that is semi-attached, as well as a large workshop, pool, koi pond and Japanese garden.

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The wall to wall windows in the bedrooms provide an opportunity to gaze at the surrounding landscape, adding to the feeling of serenity.

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Wright initially didn’t want to build on the land because he didn’t see much beauty in the surrounding area. However, Buck Fawcett, who’s family owned the land convinced Wright to build after telling him the area

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And just look at these stunning views — you could hardly find a more gorgeous property.

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Though $3.825 million is certainly a chunk of change, it’s actually somewhat of a deal considering another one of Wright’s homes that is less than half the size sold for $8 million. Furthermore, it’s simply a good investment: in 2015, some of Wright’s most famous works were nominated as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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The house is an example of Wright’s Usonian style of design which included one-story homes known for their L-shaped layouts, flat roofs, and large overhangs among other features.

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Whether you love Frank Lloyd Wright specifically or are just an architecture buff, this is one open house you won’t want to miss.

Love Wright’s work? Here’s a map of where his works are located across the country:

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