Are These New Super Bowl Barbies in Their Taylor Swift Era?


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If you’ve been paying attention to football at all this season, you’re well aware that Taylor Swift has had a big impact on the NFL. Swift has driven ticket prices higher and spurred airlines to add flights to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl with nods to Swift and boyfriend Travis Kelce. Now, Mattel is now getting in on the football fun with two new Barbie dolls that bear some resemblance to the Chiefs’ current No. 1 fan.

The new dolls celebrate both the 49ers and the Chiefs, who have officially earned their spots in this year’s big game. The differences between the dolls are subtle, with the only changes being the jersey and foam finger. Everything else, including the hat and even Barbie’s twisted pigtails, are the same.

Barbie Super Bowl Champion Doll Kansas City Chiefs


Chiefs Doll – $30 at Mattel

The Super Bowl LVIII Barbie is currently only available for preorder for $30 from Mattel’s website. You can place your order through Feb. 25, with the dolls expected to ship beginning in August.

Keep in mind that Mattel is only making a doll for the winning team, which means if you preorder a 49ers doll and the Chiefs win, or vice versa, your order will not be fulfilled and your money will be refunded.

If you’d rather wait to see if your team wins instead of ordering now with the chance of getting a refund, you can place your order after the Super Bowl airs on Feb. 11 — but be aware that there’s always a chance the preorders for both dolls will sell out before then.

Barbie Super Bowl Champion Doll San Francisco 49ers


49ers Doll – $30 at Mattel

If you don’t want to wait until this summer for the Super Bowl Barbie to arrive, you can buy other sports Barbies now, including a soccer player, tennis player, basketball player and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 softball doll.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Barbie Softball Doll Set


$24.97 on Amazon

You can even buy an entire set of women in sports Barbies that includes a general manager, coach, referee and sports reporter.

Barbie women in sports doll set


$34.99 on Amazon

To see which Barbie will be created, you can watch the Chiefs take on the 49ers at Super Bowl LVIII on CBS or stream it live on Paramount+ on Feb. 11 beginning at 6:30 p.m. EST.

If you have younger kids at home, they’ll get a kick out of Mattel’s Little People Collector Super Bowl LVIII Champions set that comes with a super fan and three football players wearing either Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers jerseys. The same process applies… only orders for the winning team will be fulfilled, and orders for the losing team will be canceled.

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