Author: Jade Wu PhD

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Overwhelmed by the world right now? Here are 8 ways to calm the storm

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Ever find yourself frantically scrolling through your to-do list thinking, “What next?” When you’re overwhelmed, your brain blows a fuse. Savvy Psychologist offers eight simple tips …


Are you rational or emotional? A sound mind requires both

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Is it better to be rational or emotional? Psychologists (and Albert Einstein) believe that true wisdom requires you to tap into both. Discover how your wise …

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Pain is inevitable. Suffering isn’t

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Do you know which one you’d choose? When I think about the most painful experiences in my life—whether they involved physical pain or emotional pain—I notice …


Why do people believe conspiracy theories? A psychologist explains

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At a dinner party last year, I was casually saying how silly I thought my brother-in-law was for believing in chemtrails when a couple, whom I considered to …