Author: Jim Wang

im Wang has been writing about personal finance for over fifteen years. He runs Wallet Hacks, a personal finance blog where he shares his strategies and tactics for getting ahead financially and in life. He is not a trained financial expert, he has no certifications or letters after his name, but he was formerly a software engineer and brings that technical eye to managing his own money. It's this outsider's perspective that it helps him understand and explain complicated financial subjects in plain English. He currently lives in Maryland with his lovely wife and two kids.


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We have all heard the phrase “time in the market trumps timing the market.” That phrase simply means that timing the market is a fool’s errand. …


Why believing these common renter’s insurance myths could hurt you

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Years ago, when we had a lot of friends living in downtown Baltimore, they’d routinely get their cars broken into. It got so bad for one …


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When my girlfriend (now lovely wife) and I first started dating, we’d go on various road trips together. I don’t think it was that long ago …