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Give me all the bacon and eggs that you have. I will cook the eggs on the stove. Then, I’ll cook the bacon with this gadget that “toasts” (or vertically grills) the bacon instead of frying it in a pan.

Available on Amazon for $30, this machine cooks your bacon without you flipping it or burning yourself from the grease flying out of a frying pan. Apparently, this can be a healthier way to cook bacon since much of the grease drips off into a reservoir. (Then again, what’s the difference between a lot of fat and enormous amounts of fat? I’ll let you be the judge.)

It’s like a George Foreman grill but specifically for bacon.

The bacon is placed on a cooking rack in the middle of the toaster, where up to six slices of heaven can be draped. There’s a setting for you to adjust the cook time based on how thick your bacon is and how crispy you want the bacon to get. Then, you close up the grill, sit back, and smell the bacon-scented roses (not to be confused with beef jerky roses). Once done, open the lid and devour the bacon.

This bacon-cooking product might not work as well for thicker slices of bacon, and if you’re trying to feed a lot of bacon to a crowd of hungry breakfast-seekers, this might not be your go-to method since you can only cook six slices at a time.

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