Can you find the three clouds hidden among the sheep?


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The seek-and-find puzzles from Hungarian visual artist Gergely Dudás, also known as the Dudolf, have gone viral more than once. They’re cute, they fun, they’re maddening and they require more patience than some of us can summon up on a regular basis. They often have details that will make you laugh as you try to solve them.

Take this one in which you have to find three clouds among the sheep, for example. As your eyes sweep over the cute little puffy sheep in search of the ones without faces, you’ll notice that a couple of them are in love, one is smiling with teeth, one is wearing sunglasses, and another has a top hat on.

Here’s the image, posted to Facebook:

As with all of Dudas’ puzzles posted to social media, you may have more luck if you click through to his Blogspot site, where the images are larger and have better resolution. The solutions are located there as well, in case you’re having trouble and just want to know the answers.

Have you located all the little white clouds yet? If not, here’s a big hint: Look for sheep hiding behind other sheep. Because they are partially obscured, you can’t see their faces — which makes them the clouds you are looking for.

Still having trouble? You’ll find one about midway up on the right side and a second one beneath it in the lower right. The third one is near the left edge, about a third of the way down the page. Here’s the solution key if you give up.

Dudolf has created many puzzles over the past few years, so feel free to browse through a few and try your skills.

In this one, for example, you have to find the snake among turtles, and it’s surprisingly hard.

This one’s a bit easier — and just look at how cute these cacti are!

Can’t get enough of the Dudolf? You can always go to to buy a few of his puzzle books, or find out more about the artist by checking out his Instagram.

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