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Grandparents often play a large role in a child’s life. After all, they were once parents themselves.

While there are many ways to include grandparents in your children’s lives, National Grandparents Day, which falls Sunday, is a great opportunity to celebrate grandparents themselves. Here are nine freebies, discounts and deals for grandparents to enjoy.

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1. Cards

Get free cards to celebrate grandparents with themed cards from Greetings Island. You can explore designs and download templates for free online.

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2. Printables

Get printable, themed Grandparents Day activities for your grandchildren via ABCTeach. Printables include word search, writing prompts and coloring pages.

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3. Breakfast

Grandparents can order off the 55-plus menu at Denny’s, which offers a number of discounts on its breakfast staples, including an omelette, club sandwich and Belgian waffle. Fan of pancakes? IHOP offers a similar deal.

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4. Kohl’s

Want to take a midweek shopping trip? People aged 60 and up receive 15% of their entire order every Wednesday at retail giant Kohl’s.

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5. Rite Aid

The pharmacy chain hosts a program, wellness65+, for shoppers aged 65 and over. Grandparents can sign up for the program online or in store and get 20% off their purchase on the first Wednesday of every month, in addition to a free pharmacist consultation.

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6. Movie tickets

While the movies are expensive, people aged 60 and up qualify for a senior discount at AMC theaters, valid with an ID. Bringing the grandkids? Children aged 2 to 12 qualify for a child discounted ticket.

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7. Train tickets

Making plans to see your family? People aged 65 and up can get 10% off most Amtrak tickets. Check the Amtrak website for details and eligibility.

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8. Hotel reservations

Anyone aged 55 and up get 15% off on room rates at Best Western, in addition to a free complimentary breakfast.

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9. Phone plan

It’s never been easier to stay in touch with your grandchildren via AT&T’s Senior Nation phone plan, which has 200 anytime minutes and unlimited talk and text to other AT&T users. Monthly access costs only $30 a month for users over the age of 65.

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