This woman’s Chia ‘pet’ is the ultimate potty humor


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Ali Spagnola, a Los Angeles-based artist, makes “outrageous” forms of music and art videos and posts them to TikTok.

A recent project has the internet going off the rails.

Spagnola took the iconic Chia Pet— the terra cotta pots in interesting shapes that grow sprouts in a very low maintenance way — and pointed it in a new, let’s say utility-driven, direction.

She’s made herself a fully functioning Chia Pet toilet. How, you ask? The woman simply covered her snow-white toilet in wet chia seeds, watered it three times a day, and waited while posting daily videos documenting the progress.

And boy, did it progress. After just seven days, the toilet was covered in beautiful green sprouts.

But Spagnola knew she could not claim success until the Chia toilet had been officially used.

Claiming to take the chia covered toilet on a “test drive,” she gives her review:

“This is so odd and pleasing,” Spagnola said in her video.“It’s just a little moist but in a satisfying way. It is so comfortably mushy and delightful.”

TikTok users had mixed feelings about Sapgnola’s lush toilet with one of them commenting “I can’t tell if I love this or hate this…. either way I’m so invested.” Another commenter asks, “But what did you use while it was growing?”

Spagnola followed up her Chia Toilet series by documenting what happened when she stopped watering the toilet.

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