You won’t believe what this guy does with dollar-store ramen

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I am a pretty decent cook…creative. There are few complaints.

Do you know what I can make out of dollar-store ramen?

Ramen. That’s what I can make from dollar -store ramen.

What I can most definitely NOT do? Make dollar-store ramen into an absolutely mind meltingly beautiful gourmet meal worth $500. But that’s OK. Jet Bentlee’s Dad can and he is super cute and funny while he does it, which is why Jet Bentlee has shared this video of him (there are a bunch on his TikTok account, @jetbentlee. I encourage you to check them all out).

Get ready, a lot’s about to happen fast.

In a magical cacophony of ingredients, techniques and color, Jet Bentlee’s dad, known thus forth as Dad, literally deconstructs and rebuilds simple old ramen into, quite frankly, one of the most beautiful dishes since the dawn of time (or whenever people first started eating…same diff). He soaks the ramen, blends the ramen, pauses to refer to himself as Iron Chef (and I honestly see no reason to disagree) forms the ramen, takes a dance break, and before you realize what is even happening, the noodles have morphed into small multi colored discs tinted with squid ink and hibiscus.

All of a sudden there’s salmon flying around and things inexplicably are being adhered to other things with mashed potatoes (which do not appear on ANY glue type chart made by humans. I checked.) The salmon skin is going through some kind of unidentifiable chemical change on a molecular level and gets puffy as a prom dress in 1984.

Tomato coulis! Spinach puree! Scallop mousse! (Careful where you say that, I’m almost certain its a spell. )

And just as we are about to collapse from confusion and overstimulation…beautiful…calm…art.

Wow, Jet Bentlee’s Dad. We are impressed.

@jetbentleeTurning dollar ramen gourmet 🤩…what should we do next?♬ original sound – Jet