Dolly Parton drops a new album … and cracks a few eggs, too

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Dolly Parton released her 52nd studio album today, “Run, Rose, Run” and, quite frankly, I’m exhausted by her industriousness. Will she never take a break from being the single most perfect human being on the planet? Does she ever just take a weekend to relax?

Turns out she does.

According to an Insider interview with the queen of all things wonderful, Dolly says she whips up a big southern brunch for husband of 55 years, Carl Dean, every weekend and if you’ve never been to a southern brunch with homestyle cooking, I suggest you schedule one immediately. The south can cook, y’all.

And guess who is amazing at good ol’ southern cookin’? I’ll tell you. It’s Dolly Parton. The woman has her own line of Duncan Hines cakes with southern flavors. Plus, she supposedly always smells of buttercream frosting (OK, maybe I made that last part up, but I bet it’s true!), Of course she can cook and this time she’s got a little advice for you.

The staple of any brunch is the eggs. Light, fluffy and delicious, they can make or break the whole thing.

Dolly says her top secret trick to super fluffy scrambled eggs is…..(drumroll, please)…ice water. Yes, ice water.

Just a sprinkle of ice water gets in there and gets extra steamy, this steams the eggs causing unapologetic fluff. They float off the plate a little.

So here’s Dolly, taking care of us again. Sure, it’s in little ways sometimes, but that’s how you know she cares. So, go get yourself a copy of “Run, Rose, Run” and some brunch fixin’s for the perfect Dolly brunch this weekend.

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