Funeral Director Barbie? This is the woman behind the idea


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Well, Barbie is conquering new fields of study once again. Really, what can’t she do?  And that includes mortuary sciences. It turns out the number of woman funeral directors has grown from just 5% of the field to 43% over the last several decades.

Yes, women are burying people all over the country. With permission, of course. And what do these women want? Why, a Barbie to call their own, of course.

Funeral director Sarah Brown-Derbah has started a petition on directed at Barbie maker Mattel, and retailers Target and WalMart. At the time of this writing, it had just 635 signatures toward its 1,000 signature goal.

Really, though, why shouldn’t we have a Funeral Director Barbie? Barbie does everything else (although I’ve yet to see an infuriated, desperate and neurotic Writer’s Block Barbie, complete with hair pulling arm action and trash can basketball net, but I digress).

The hope is that a Funeral Director Barbie would help inspire little girls to see the field as welcoming to them, and get them familiar with the ins and outs of the business.

But honestly, we think there are more girls than just those who hope to be scientists who would love Funeral Director Barbie: There are all the little baby Goths, too.

So yes, Mattel, please do get on board! We all want a Funeral Director Barbie.

Heck, even I’d buy a Funeral Director Barbie play set, as long as it comes complete with Cadaver Ken!